Quick & Easy Vacations Have A New Name: The Micro-cation

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With jam-packed schedules, getting away for longer than a few days isn’t always possible besides the fact that it just must be financially impossible for you. But if you’re in need to a break from your regularly scheduled programming, it’s totally still possible for you to unplug, recharge, and explore a new place without compromising too much time or too many resources. Quick and easy vacations are a rising trend so much so that there’s even a clever new name for them: micro-cations. And they just might be the solution to you maintaining your sanity.

The season is quickly coming to a close, so if you’ve yet to enjoy any summer trips you’re probably getting a little antsy to break away and enjoy the warm weather someplace other than your usual day-to-day setting (though if you can’t get away at all, there’s always the option of a staycation). That said, there’s still plenty of time for an adventure, especially considering the micro-cation trend, and according to travel gurus like Brianna Glenn of Milk & Honey Travels, they can still be just as memorable as more extended holidays if not more so.

“Fun weekend getaways are an easy way to add some excitement into your life on a whim,” says Glenn. And one of the ways she suggests doing just that is by …

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